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Nine Days in September: A look at the year ahead in cycling

August 19th, 2009 · dealers, industry news, Trikes

Photo: Messe Friedrichsafen,

Photo: Messe Friedrichshafen,

September will be a very busy month for the bike/trike industry.  Two very large exhibitions are being held showcasing the latest and greatest in cycling technology and products.  Both shows have demo days where actual equipment can be put to the test by show attendees.  Both shows are for distributors and dealers, however only one has a day open to the general public.

EUROBIKE is the first expo and runs from Sept. 2 through Sept. 5.  It’s being held in the southern German city of Friedrichshafen and will host 938 exhibits from 75 countries.  One of the days is open to the general public.  To see more click here.     tn[1]

INTERBIKE International Expo will be held Sept. 21 through Sept. 25 at the Sands convention center in Las Vegas.  Officials are expecting 1100 brands to participate in the event.  To learn more click here.

ib-red-sm[1]Some of the hottest products and trends premiere at these shows.  After reading about both, there is a fairly new product line catching on throughout the world and making a large presence at these shows.  Some predict it will be as big for the cycling industry as the mountain bike was.  Here’s a hint.  Think ebike, or of course, etrike.  More to come.

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New Kid On The Block

August 18th, 2009 · Brand, industry news, Trikes, Uncategorized

Trident Offerings

Trident Offerings

There’s a new kid on the block.  It’s Trident Trikes of Mt. Holly, NC.  These folks have put together two models of folding tadpole trikes plus a niffty model of a tandem tadpole that appears to convert into a single model without apparently too much hassle. 

The most refreshing thing about these trikes is that they are quite reasonably priced.  Check out their web site here.

Another good addition to the recumbent trike family available to the market place.  Competition is good.  The demand for these great vehicles is bringing more players into the fold.  The dynamics of supply and demand are catching up.  Pricing, while maintaining quality, is becoming more realistic.  We aging boomers are not givng up an active lifestyle.  We simply make the adjustment and keep on triking!  The market is responding.  A beautiful thing.

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The Douglas Trail ….. a slice of rural Americana

August 9th, 2009 · Arthritus, Health, Trails, Trikes

A regular on this trail!

A regular on this trail!

If you’re looking for a trail that’s almost perfect for triking, this one just may be it.  The Douglas Trail runs from the rural comminity of Pine Island, MN to the northwestern neighborhood of Rochester, going through the small burg of Douglas for which the trail is named after.  It’s built on an old railroad bed with minimal inclines.  There are a few short, steeper climbs to get to bridges crossing over busier roads at the Rochester end.  Shouldn’t be a problem though, just “gear down and spin”.  It’s offers 12.5 miles of smooth blacktop, three bathroom stops and two rustic covered shelters to use if a pesty rain shower sneaks up on you.  

Rustic shelter in case of rain

Rustic shelter in case of rain


The trail offers an intimate view of rural southeastern Minnesota as it slices through lush fields of bean and corn and pastures of dairy cattle.  Included are wonderful panaramic views of farm homes with their out buildings. 

This is a great beginner’s trail or one to start out the season with until you get your “bent legs” muscle group in shape.  The major plus for me is that a significant part of ride in the sun providing a natural warmth which feels great for those of us that are arthritus sufferers.  I’ll give it a 3.5 rating on my newly established sun scale.  On my hill scale it rates a 2.0.  For a map and more information about the trail click here.

Remember, on the sun scale the higher the number the more exposed sun a trail offers (or less shade).  On the hill scale the lower the number the flatter (less hilly) the trail is.  This is of course according to my read and how it feels on a 54 year old, kind of out a shape man.  Ha!

High on my sun scale

High on my sun scale


Inside view of rural Minnesota

Inside view of rural Minnesota

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AAA TO Provide Roadside Assistance To Bicycle Riders

July 13th, 2009 · Uncategorized

aaalogo[1]According to a post last week from, the Oregon/Idaho chapter of AAA plans to announce that they will  extend their roadside assistance program to people riding bicycles.  Hopefully the AAA coverage will extend to trikes and will be adopted by all chapters of AAA.  Perhaps those of us who are members should request this.  If it’s good for bikes it’s good for trikes.

Check out bikeportands site at   It’s an excellent resource for all cyclists.

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Berserker’s Off Road Option

July 6th, 2009 · Brand, Trikes, Uncategorized

A trike to take off road

A trike to take off road

Berserker Cycle Design of San Luis Obispo, CA has introduced a recumbent tadpole trike that can be taken off road for those trikers looking for more than the comfort of a paved trail.

With independent 3 wheel suspension, adjustable length boom, and a seat 15″ off the ground this trike should score points in the comfort zone as well.  Berserker also can provide a Bionx electric assist option.

Check it out at Berserker’s web site:

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National Bike Rally in Winona, MN: July 31 – Aug. 2

July 3rd, 2009 · Roads

Winona MinnesotaWinona will be hosting the League of American Bicyclists National Rally of Cyclists July 31 through August 2. The event is part of The Twin Cities Bicycling Club’s Weekend on Wheels. Also involved is the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota.   Lodging will be available at Winona State University or you can make your own.  Here’s brief highlight of events:

  • Thursday dorm check-in
  • Friday Traffic Skills 101 Course
  • Friday evening pasta feed  Welcome Social
  • Saturday afternoon WOW expo and displays
  • Saturday evening banquet

Sponsored rides will be available with mapped bicycles routes for riders of all abilities.  Take advantage of the scenic and historic rest stops along the way.  This is a great opportunity to experience, what I consider, the most beautiful area in Minnesota!

For more information check out the Twin Cities Bicycling Club web site.  It’s a great resource:

For more on Winona go to

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Crossing America on a Trike!

July 1st, 2009 · Uncategorized

Tour of Discovery - Day 1 001[1]Check out the site Rafael Giraldo,

Mr. Giraldo, a school teacher is, right now, in the process of crossing the continent on a Catrike Speed.  His goal is to cover the 5000 mile trek in 70 days.

Starting in San Francisco and ending in Weston, FL, as of yesterday, he was in Pangultch Lake, UT.  The website tells you more about Mr. Giraldo, and has a lot of cool stuff that allows you to follow his progress day by day.

The exciting thing for me is that he’s doing it on a trike.  Ultimate Recumbency!

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Worlds Top 10 Bicycle Cities

June 24th, 2009 · Trails

Worlds Top Ten Bicycle Cities:  Travel and Leisure Magazine
Travel and Leisure Magazine’s July 2009 issue has announced what it considers are the world’s top ten bicycle cities.  Three of the cities are located in the United States; Minneapolis, MN, Portland,OR and Seattle,WA. An infrastructure promoting bicyles and making cycling easy and convenient are factors that these cities have in common.  According to the article, the European cities, with their “established biking culture”, still win out as the top spots for cyclists, but the US cities are making great strides in catching up.  Here’e the cities that made their list:


  • Minneapolis
  • Copenhagen
  • Amsterdam
  • Munich
  • Portland
  • Perth
  • Seattle
  • Bogata
  • Montreal
  • Paris

If  it’s good biking, it’s good triking.  Check the article out:

Bridge crossing the Minnesota River, Minneapolis Skyline in Backgropund

Bridge crossing the Minnesota River, Minneapolis Skyline in Backgropund

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MN: Big Rivers Regional Trail

June 14th, 2009 · Trails, Uncategorized

Tucked between high limestone bluffs and scenic river valleys, is  Big Rivers Regional Trail.
When combined with the Lilydale Park Trail the trail ends offers views of the St. Paul skyline with it’s grand cathedral or the busy Mpls.-St. Paul International Airport. The trail end at Mendota Heights is directly under a major flyway so if you enjoy viewing jets landing or taking off, this is your place.
Starting at the Mendota Heights trail end, with its panoramic view of the Minnesota River valley, the first 3.5 miles of trail is a short lesson in Minnesota History. An interesting stop off point is the town of Mendota, one of Minnesota’s first settlements. Located here is the historic Sibley House, home of Henry H. Sibley,  Minnesota’s first governor. The house, with several other restored buildings is open for public tours during the summer. The trail then slices into the side of a limestone bluff overlooking the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers and Pike Island, the site of negotiations with the Sioux Indians in the mid 1800’s(now a National Historic Landmark).
Along the way are interesting placards explaining the geographical and cultural significance of the area. A significant part of this section of trail is built on the old rail bed of the Minnesota Central Railroad.
The Big Rivers Regional Trail technically ends at the bottom of the grade of the railroad bed. Here you need to ride a short bit on Lilydale Road, under a railroad bridge, around a curve and past the St. Paul Yacht Club. Be alert, although not a major through fare the road has a bit of traffic and the bridge and curve combination is a blind area for autos. Shortly past the yacht club parking lot, on the right is the entrance of the Lilydale Park Trail. This trail takes you through the river bottom of the Mississippi River. Half the trail is shaded with towering Cottonwood trees as well as other varieties. The trail crosses the road and then takes you along the Mississippi River,  at some spots within 20 yards of the main channel. In this stretch it’s not uncommon to see working barges as well as modern versions of paddle wheelers full of tourists. There will be two more areas where the trial combines with the road and like the earlier stretch, not heavily traveled but enough to warrant being extra alert in these areas. Once passed the marina on the left, the trail enters Harriet Park. A nice place to stop, rest and enjoy the skyline views.
The Big River-Lilydale trials are paved and in good condition. Summer weekend days see the most traffic on the trial, but it’s not overwhelming. Rest areas are available along the way and portable bathrooms are located at the Mendota Heights parking lot, and at the end of the Big Rivers section near the St. Paul Yacht Club. Permanent public bathrooms are available at Harriet Park in St. Paul. There is a slight grade on the Big River section of trial. Going from Mendota Heights to St. Paul would be considered “down hill”. . Returning from St. Paul will give you a slight up-hill grade on the Big Rivers sections of trail, giving you a good opportunity to develop the recumbent muscle group.  (NOTE:  Through mid July the trail will be closed for maintenance between Hwy. 13 in Mendota and Lilydale Road from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM weekdays.  It’s open from 4:00 PM to dusk on weekdays and all day until dusk on weekends.)   Wild life commonly seen include Bald Eagles, Wild Turkeys, and White Tail Deer.

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Chubby Super Biker, an inspiration .. perhaps a message.

June 14th, 2009 · Health, Weight Mgmt.

I came across an article about this guy last week on a business trip. I didn’t think my first articles on this blog would be health oriented but let the chips fall where they may. Check out Ben Dinger’s web site:   Ben started out weighing 567 pounds and currently is weighing in around 350. That’s a loss of about 38%. At age 32, not only impressive but a perhaps a life saver. His choice of exercise … cycling. 
Now it was on a bicycle not a trike but the message here is that cycling works. It was the exercise I used to lose 64 lbs. after by-pass surgery. If your big, don’t get turned off because of the weight capacity of cycles. There are trike makers to handle the heavier rider. Riding trike can be a great way to start your journey. Check with your Doc about riding, and then check out the links of various trike manufacturers.

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